Zlata Shine, Shampoo Monster Gets Dirty [FakeHostel]

Shampoo Monster Gets Dirty 04.25.2022

The Landlord checks blonde babe Zlata Shine into the Pretend Hostel after which realizes he stinks! Speeding to the bathe, the Landlord begins to wash, however rapidly realizes he has used an excessive amount of shampoo! The suds get into each crevice he has, however sadly, additionally into his eyes. Blinded, the Landlord cries out for assist, and Zlata comes working. She helps him towel off, then offers him her therapeutic contact… and a blowjob. Turned on, the Landlord fucks Zlata and her massive tits bounce, then he lays down a towel for her to trip his cock. Zlata offers the Landlord extra head and even a rimjob, then the fingers and fucks her till her pink pussy is gushing! The pair head again to the bathtub, and the Landlord covers his consumer with a facial!

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Zlata Shine, Shampoo Monster Gets Dirty [FakeHostel]